Mother's Day

Good people of West Parish,

This Sunday is Mother's Day! And we will be blessed by some of our youth leading worship, along with the indomitable Jim Olson! Come and enjoy the good words, the good music and the most excellent fellowship as we celebrate all the ways we have been mothered.

As Mother's Day approaches, I'm always acutely aware of how our culture presents this day as a fuzzy Hallmark occasion. And certainly many of us will receive flowers or go to brunch or joyfully hug our moms. But I also know people for whom this day is a particular challenge because their mothers have died, their mothers were abusive, they were unable to have a child, they lost a child, or any number of wide and deep losses or regrets within which so many of us dwell. I see the church's role as following Jesus' example of authenticity and bold honesty – so in our prayers we will seek to celebrate our mothers and mothering, while also acknowledging the pain that some of us hold. Held in God's embrace, I know we can do this together!

A blessed weekend to all of you -- may grace and healing surround us.