One of the most fabulous ministries

One of the most fabulous ministries of West Parish Church is our Men's Group scholarships.

As you know, every year our Men's Group raises money, and every spring it awards scholarships to members of the Lawrence Boys and Girls Club.  Not only does this money make a significant difference in students' ability to pay for tuition, books and other expenses, but relationships are built, encouragement and affirmation given, and triumphs celebrated. Many of the young people in Lawrence face significant obstacles to a college education.

As Jon Glesmann said to me last week: "The facts being that if you live in Lawrence and you go to college, you only have 10% chance of graduating from college vs some 65% next door in Andover.  Money is one of the major factors for dropping out, but there are so many more factors that are more difficult to fix."

We can't fix all of the problems, but we can celebrate the accomplishments and perseverance of some amazing young people, and support them on their way.  Please join us this Sunday on Zoom at 10:30 am as our scholarships are awarded, and we hear from three of this year's recipients!