Our Beloved Music Director!

Good people of West Parish,

I can’t believe that we have only two more Sundays with our beloved Music Director, Yoo-Kyung!   Oh my!   I am going to miss her a great deal.   

Her gifts have moved us!   Because music touches us in deep places beyond words, bringing tears, inspiration, memories and hope.   Whether it’s the hymn we sung at our father’s funeral, or the song we learned in Sunday School, or “Silent Night” on Christmas Eve, our church music is at the core of what’s meaningful.

Which is why our preferences and feelings around our congregational music can be so strong – and also so different!   And this is why we want to hear from you as we begin our search for a new Music Director - NOT because we expect to hire someone who only plays folk songs on the banjo!   But because we want to understand the whole breadth of experience, preference and opinion in our congregation, so the search committee can prioritize the gifts and skills that we seek.

So please stay for our final Music Circle after church this Sunday! Childcare will be provided!