Today, January 6th, is Epiphany. The day that the Magi complete their star-led journey, arrive at the manger, and open their treasure chests with gold, frankincense and myrrh. Today ends the Christmas season, and begins the season of Epiphany, a time of revealing and truth.  And much is being revealed at this moment.  As I write this, Trump supporters have broken into the Capitol building and ransacked Senate offices.  It is being called insurrection.  GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL.

Van Jones just said, "What we don't know is whether this is the end of something, or if this is the beginning of something...This country will have to choose."  Indeed, may we who follow Jesus recall his messages to us as we move ahead: love of neighbor, justice for the oppressed, uplift for the poor, comfort for those who mourn, and peace for all creation.

May our radiant God grant us peace and courage!  May this day of violence find peaceful resolution!  May each one of us, in this frightening moment, know the peace that passes all understanding.