Rainy Days

Rainy days are my favorite days to walk the dog-- because there is no one else around! I have the rail trail all to myself. It's just me and Tilly (the Great Dane), strolling along the path, totally quiet except for the rain on the trees and the occasional rustle of a chipmunk.  On warm, sunny days it's a different story: other dogwalkers to navigate.  Groups of speeding cyclists.  Kids wobbling on new bikes.  Parents with strollers. R unners huffing by.

I like the rainy days.

This morning as I walked alone through the peaceful drizzle I wondered: Have I always liked the rainy days, or is this a change since covid? Have I grown to cherish quiet times even more?  Or has the pandemic taught me to avoid people?

All of us are reflecting on what we have learned in the past year, as individuals, as families, as a church, and as a nation.  What have we learned about ourselves?   What was taken away that we can't wait to add back, and to what do we dread returning?  What meaningful new routines did we add? What did we learn about the core of our church community?  Where has God shown up, and how has God surprised us?

Everyone is saying it, but West Parish needs to say it, as well: This time of disruption offers us an opportunity to think deeply about who we are, how we live, and how we operate.  This disruption provides space to add new ways of being, new ways to worship and new ways to gather that might be healthier, deeper and more inclusive.

What have you learned?  What has been important to you in this past year?  Let us pay attention, and let us take with us what has given us life!