Reflect Together

Good people of West Parish,

If you were in church this past Sunday, then you heard Victoria's most excellent sermon!   What a treat it was for me to sit in the pews, and be challenged and inspired by her words!

Victoria said this:   “Resist and make space for what is holy...We have to practice being skeptical of the patterns of everyday life around us... Then we will be ready to hear the voice of God.   Like the disciples, we will be able to drop the non-essentials of life and go on the adventures of faith.”   Yes!   Yes, I shout to that!   

This is why we gather each Sunday: to be skeptical about the ways of the world, to reflect together, to support one another on our journeys, to choose a different way, to leave our nets behind and choose the path of compassion, forgiveness and love.   

So what a privilege it will be to gather as a congregation after church this Sunday – to truly do the work of the church.  To examine our finances, our progress, our decisions – and to affirm that we are making holy choices.   Join us!