The Richness of Life

Good people of West Parish,

I still vividly remember walking my daughter down the street to her first day of kindergarten: her blue-flowered backpack, her pink high-top sneakers, her pigtails. She was so excited! And I was a mess of emotions: anxiety, loss, joy, love, astonishment. I choked back the tears as I walked home… Yesterday, as she boarded the bus to begin sixth grade, the feelings weren’t all that different, although I was much more ready for them. The years fly by, our children grow up, we grow older, the world changes around us. Some of us are letting go of our kids in new ways this year. Some of us are letting go of old ways as we embark on new adventures or new chapters in our lives. And one of us has witnessed 100 years of change, joy and wonder! This Sunday we return to the sanctuary, we reflect on how Jesus up-ends our conventions, and we celebrate Charlotte’s 100th birthday! What a day to revel in the richness of life and community. We hope you can join us!