Rite of Confirmation

Good People of West Parish,

I saw the pictures of the children.   Dressed in flowing bright colors, arranged in a big circle, preparing to celebrate Easter morning.   Moments later, a bomb went off in their church.    We now know that over 350 people were killed in Sri Lanka on Easter morning. I  t is horrifying.

Many have commented how we seem to keep killing one another in the name of religion.   Muslims killing Christians. Christians killing Muslims. Christians killing Jews.   While some would blame religion, I believe religion not to be the source of violence and evil, but rather the hook upon which some hang their fear and desire for control.

There is much horror that has been done in the name of religion, but so much good and beauty and justice-making, as well.  Let us commit to rooting out all in our own tradition that would lead to hatred — but let us also celebrate all the gifts of the Church!

This Sunday, we will celebrate our church, our faith, and our people through the Rite of Confirmation! C  ome and support our young people, hear about their journeys, and give thanks to God!