Salt and Light to the World

Oh, dear people of West Parish!

It has been quite the week. Coronavirus. State of the Union. The impeachment vote. As I held 52 small pieces of green paper in my hands today, and carefully read each one, I could feel the deep emotion in your words. I prayed your prayers with you — your fervent prayers for our nation, your desperate prayers for struggling loved ones, your hopeful prayers for peace and safety. Each one of us comes to church carrying these prayers. Sometimes they are immense burdens that we carry in secret. Sometimes they are a hollowing fear for the future. Even though I don’t know who wrote most of the prayers from this past Sunday, lifting each one up to God connected me to our collective pain, and hope.

Please know that I hear you. And God hears you. And together, we shall be as salt and light to the world! (Yes, come this Sunday and hear more about our calling to be salt and light!).