Seeing the World With New Eyes

Good people of West Parish,

As I opened the shades yesterday morning, I was astounded. I’d forgotten that it was going to snow again, and at that moment the sun was just coming up over the trees, it’s horizontal light illuminating every single branch. Even the smallest tree tips were etched in white, and as the sky brightened, each tree glowed! As did the houses and shrubs, and mailboxes and fences. It was as if God had gone around with a highlighting marker, sparkling up all the every day things, so we would be astounded by them. Even the chain link fence around the Agway parking lot had snow resting in a perfect curve in each and every link. I’m quite sure that I’ve never before marveled at the beauty of a chain link fence, but as I drove by on Wednesday morning, I did!

Of course, we don’t need snow to see the world with new eyes. But it certainly helps That chain-link fence is there all the time. So are the trees. So are our houses and mailboxes and family and friends and church! In this season, may we look deeply at all that is around us, and see the hand of God, and be astounded! Our daily Advent Wreath practice can also help us to pause, look deeply, and be astounded at our world and our lives.

I look forward to seeing you all at our (indoor!) Pageant this Saturday, and decked out in our Christmas sweaters this Sunday!