Silent and Simple Gifts

Last week, Parker Palmer wrote:


"Every wisdom tradition tells us that 'what we need is here,' if we can open our eyes to all the quiet secrets hidden in plain sight. We can't do that when we're obsessing about the past, fretting about the future, or allowing the million madnesses known as the news to keep us from receiving the gift of here and now. Even on the hardest days, there’s something silent and simple that can make us glad. Turn around...and use all your senses to take in the gift of life."


Palmer goes on to explain that this mindset doesn't mean turning away from hard things. It means receptivity, gratitude, and groundedness that will "allow us to be engaged with the world in ways that bring new life to us and to others."


Who would have thought that noticing the silent and simple would bring us new life? Who would have thought that grounding ourselves in the beauty of sunlight through the window would allow our love to shine for the world?


I think Jesus knew this. Study the lilies of the field, he said. When you pray, go into a room by yourself, he said. The kingdom is at hand, he said. Eat this bread and remember me, he said.


Wherever you are this week and whatever you face, may you take time to notice the quiet secrets hidden in plain sight, those silent and simple gifts of being alive.