Snowflakes and sparkling icicles

Good people of West Parish,

On New Year’s Eve, as we drove north to stay with friends in New Hampshire, we watched the temperature indicator on my car go from 10° down to 3°, and then to -2°!   When we awakened to the new day in the new year, it was -9° outside!   The winter winds have arrived!

And as you read this, there is probably snow swirling all around! I pray that all of us are safe and warm, that our pipes are unfrozen, that our heating systems are functioning, and that none of us need be on the road!   Please check on your friends and neighbors!

And if we are safe and warm in our homes, may it be a time of rest and stillness for us – a time to remember that the ways of God‘s creation are beyond our control.   Today may we kindle our awe before this wondrous universe, with its infinite snowflakes and sparkling icicles. 

We need do nothing today but rest in God’s presence, and give thanks!