Staying Connected Staying Faithful

Staying Connected, Staying Faithful was our mantra at the beginning of the pandemic, nearly one year ago, when our lives were upended.  I have kept these two guiding ideas before me through the months, seeking to keep us connected and caring for one another, and to keep us faithful: trusting in God even through fear and chaos.

At this moment, as we prepare to enter Lent, there are numerous opportunities for all of us to stay connected, and to stay faithful! Please take note of these three items in particular, and reach out if you have questions!

1- Ashes for Ash Wednesday. A packet of ashes has been mailed to every household. Bring these ashes to our Ash Wednesday service on Feb 17, or use the included liturgy on your own. This ritual is a beautiful way to commit yourself to the season.

2- Seed Pots for Lent. Our Caring Circle Leaders are arranging for every household to receive a kit for Lent with a purple pot, soil, and a flower seed. This will be the focal point for our Lenten theme: healing. Don't do anything with these items yet! - just bring them with you to worship on Feb 21. If you can help deliver a couple kits, please be in touch with your Caring Circle Leader!

3- Chat with Katrina. Sign up for 15 minutes to "chat" with me on Sunday afternoon. This is especially for those of you that I haven't talked with in a while - I'd love to hear how you are doing! (And trying to reach 50 of you by phone would be... well... So help me out and sign up!