Stewardship Season

Yes, it is stewardship season!  You should have received our stewardship mailing last week, with a letter from our Stewardship Team and a pledge card. 

There are infinite ways that we give to our church (prayers, meals, cards, organization, teaching, knitting, fellowship, cooking, worship leadership...) but our stewardship campaign is about one very particular way that we give: MONEY.  Yes, there's just no way around it, we are talking about money!

Just like any organization or household, West Parish needs money to operate: to keep paying our staff who provide worship, care, music and programs; to keep our building safe and beautiful; to maintain our witness and outreach in the community; to continue our journey of discipleship and love, and so much more. So we give because our community and its purpose matter to us.

But as I like to say, we also give to practice generosity.  As Christians we know that nothing is ours. All that we have is a gift from God.  And so we give back to God's purposes on a regular basis, as a reminder, as a spiritual practice.

Obviously, the past 9 months have been BONKERS.  Our lives are disrupted.  We are exhausted, overwhelmed and grieving. S ome of us have been financially affected by the pandemic.  And so we ask for pledges this year holding the reality of this moment: things are uncertain.  Your income may be uncertain, or may be gone entirely. (Remember: you are a beloved member of our community no matter what you give!)  But if we have the means, let us give generously to our church.  It's an act of deep faith, both in God's vision and in the power of our community to change the world!

Please return your pledge card asap, or email your pledge amount to Jerry - because this Sunday we will recognize all of us who have pledged!  THANK YOU!