Stirred Up World

Good people of West Parish,

The wind is howling today. The traffic lights were out on Route 133. The church windows are rattling. Leaves are swirling around the green. When I walked my Great Dane this morning, I was pretty sure that a tree would come down on us, the branches were waving so violently above. The world is being stirred up around us, literally.

Impeachment! Syria! Hong Kong! Brexit! Typhoon! Supreme Court! Burkina Faso! The daily headlines shout of all that is unsettled and churning in our world. The winds are whipping at our structures, and at our souls. May we be as rooted as a mighty oak. May we be as flexible as a sapling. May we find solace in this week’s story of Jesus, that speaks of our “need to pray always and not to lose heart.” So join us this Sunday, as we connect and reflect on our central calling as a church: to pray always!