Thank you God

Good people of West Parish,

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Enjoy this day to be with family or friends, to eat and relax, to watch football or play boardgames, and to stop and notice all that you enjoy.   

But if it will not be a happy day for you, I hope that it is a peaceful day.   Or if it cannot be a peaceful day, I hope that you don’t feel alone.   And if you do feel alone, may your awareness of God’s presence within and around all of life be strong for you!

As I said in my sermon this past Sunday, whatever our circumstances today, may we offer up our gratitude to God for our very lives.   

May we feel awe at the wind and the sky.   May we marvel at the taste of different foods.  May we enjoy the comfort of our favorite chair.   May we whisper a “thank you, God” as we lay our head down on the pillow.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you all.