The Beginning of Lent

Wednesday, February 17  is Ash Wednesday! The beginning of Lent! I   love this day with its tactile symbol of mortality, call to repent, and confession of sin.  I know, I know-- it doesn't sound like very much fun.  But when we are entering "the Lentiest Lent we've ever Lented" (as memes are saying), and as we continue to be rocked by loss and trauma, we NEED Ash Wednesday.  We need to courageously stand before our mortality, affirm our sacredness, and be held by God's promises.  I hope to see you tonight at 7:00 pm! Here are some reminders:

1- Bring ashes to tonight's service. Yes, the ashes we mailed got a little messy (sorry!) but all you need is a smudge. (You can also just use the wick of a candle.)

2- Our amazing Caring Circle Leaders are delivering to every household a purple bag with a pot, soil and seeds for Lent.  Don't do anything with the pot and seeds yet!  Bring them with you to Sunday's worship. (If you haven't received one by the end of the week, call your Caring Circle Leader or the church office.)