The Birds Keep Singing

I took this picture this morning as I walked my dog around the hay field near my house. Since the rail trail has gotten crowded, we mostly head the other way now: across the street, and into the conservation land that is leased to farmers to grow hay.   Over the past three months, I have watched the hay grow from perfect rows of tiny sprouts, to rolling fields of shoulder-high grass.

It is gorgeous: the acres and acres of hay rippling in the wind.   The stalks high against the blue sky.   The birds darting in and out of its shelter, and the crickets chirping from within. This hay has grown through the pandemic, and the deaths, and the protests, and the change, and the hope.   The earth keeps turning.   Hay keeps rising.  The birds keep singing.

In these times of uncertainty, if you are feeling adrift, try grounding yourself in God's creation. Jesus did tell us to "study the lilies of the field", after all!

And may that grounding propel us to engage in one of the opportunities to celebrate hope, change and justice this week: the Pride event, the Juneteenth celebrations, the ACT annual meeting, World Refugee Day, or our antiracism discussion.

We are being the Church, Good People!   May God continue to guide us!