The Church is in the business of health

The church is in the business of health-- for our souls, our minds, and our bodies. The church's mission is to care for the whole person, to promote healing in the world, to help us find comfort and strength for what ails us, whether that ailment is cancer or addiction or loneliness or confusion or racism or poverty or grief. Our mission is also to seek ways to eradicate the sources of those ailments. (i.e. We don't just feed hungry people, we ask WHY they are hungry.) The healing stories we'll be hearing in the Gospel of Mark this season will highlight for us the theme of healing, and how we are called to restore every person, and the world, to wholeness.

Because of that, I share two "health" articles with you today.

First- MASKS. With the new, more contagious variants circulating, we all need to take our mask-wearing more seriously! Make sure your mask fits tightly against your face and stays tight over your nose.(Check it in the mirror, Good People!) Upgrade from that flimsy 2-layer mask. And maybe double-mask. Read more here.

Second- STRESS. A colleague said a few weeks ago, "We've gotten used to it, but it's still a crisis." YES. If you're not already finding a positive way to address your emotional and spiritual health (prayer, meditation, walking, journaling, counseling, etc) please do so! Read more.

Hang in there, Good People! You are not alone! And let us have faith that God is moving ALL of us towards healing and wholeness!