The Daffodils are Blooming!

I took this picture yesterday on my walk.  These daffodils are blooming alongside the hay field near my house.  I can remember photographing them one year ago, when we were just a few weeks into quarantine and this pandemic madness.  And the daffodils are back!  Happy Easter!  Christ is risen, indeed!  Alleluia!

Are daffodils the same as resurrection? Well, no. And YES! The flowers springing forth in their colorful, cyclical glory remind us that God works resurrection all the time, all around us.

In the words of Father Richard Rohr: "To believe that Jesus was raised from the dead is actually not a leap of faith.  Resurrection and renewal are, in fact, the universal and observable pattern of everything... If incarnation is real, if material creation is inspirited, then resurrection in multitudinous forms is to be fully expected.  Or to paraphrase a statement attributed to Albert Einstein, it is not that one thing is a miracle, but that the whole thing is a miracle!"

YES!  It's all a miracle, and resurrection is to be fully expected.  So I invite you to go about your week expecting to see resurrection!  Alleluia, Christ is risen!