The light is gathering all around us

Good People of West Parish!  I am back!  Can you believe that three months has passed? It feels - as time often does - like it has been ages since I have seen you all, and also the blink of an eye. 


My sabbatical was such a gift, and I thank you for that time. I  thank you for respecting my need to fully step away, and also for trusting your staff and leaders during these months.  I imagine that there were moments of great beauty and joy, and also moments of challenge.  And I do look forward to hearing YOUR experience of the past three months-- please let me know how you are!


If you are wondering: How was your sabbatical?!  I confess that there is no easy way to answer.  It was glorious and challenging.  Restful and confusing. Disappointing and magical.  It did not turn out as I had planned (does anything?) but it was time that I desperately needed to emotionally, spiritually, physically and vocationally recuperate and re-set so I can joyfully continue as your pastor for many more years.  THANK YOU for this time.  Although I am the one who got to step away, ultimately, it is a gift that you gave to yourselves and to West Parish Church.  Renewed and grounded pastoral leadership will benefit all of us.


I have so very much to share about my sabbatical, and it will emerge in reflections and sermons and conversations over the next few weeks.  But for now: I so look forward to being with you, whether on Zoom or in the sanctuary!


Many blessings as we begin this new year and continue moving through the Epiphany Season, when even amidst uncertainty, the light is gathering all around us...