The Youngest Amongst Us

Good people of West Parish,

In the news we’ve been hearing about children as young as two years old being separated from their parents, and detained alone.   These families might be fleeing the violence in El Salvador or abject poverty in Mexico, but whatever their parents’ motives for crossing into the United States, these young children are now further traumatized.   

My heart breaks for them – as it does for the children in the Rohingya refugee camp awaiting the monsoons.   As it does for the children in Syria.   As it does for the children of Flint, Michigan. And so on... 

This Sunday, Children’s Sunday, we will honor and celebrate the children in OUR congregation!   We will lift up their participation and learning, we will hear their reflections.   Hopefully, during the service a baby will cry, and a toddler will shout.   Let us gather to celebrate the youngest among us and their unique voices.   And then, may we be inspired to advocate for both the children in our church and around the world!