There is so much goodness and promise!

Remember those zinnia seeds that we delivered to everyone for Lent?  It turns out that it's not only  Jerry  who works magic with plants. Here is Faye's zinnia plant!  Wow!  I count at least twelve blossoms!  I am so impressed that Faye's plant is not only still alive, but that it has gotten so large and has so many blooms. From a few tiny seeds...

Who knows what our small acts of kindness and hope will grow into?  Who knows how our small contributions towards justice will flower?  Who knows how our care or courage to another person will multiply into a glimpse of God's realm?

Let us not lose heart, Good People!  There is so much in the news to cause us fear and despair.  And YET, there is so much goodness and promise.  The center of our faith is believing that God is at work in the world, encouraging our love and imagination.  May our faith be like a zinnia seed-- so small, and yet able to blossom into many bright flowers.