This is a weird time

Yes, you're tired of me saying it: this is a weird time!  A liminal time.  An in-between time. And many recent articles are helping us name and frame this time.

Lisa Bonos writes in "It's not just you. We're all socially awkward now" that we need to re-learn how to interact in this new normal. “Our new reality isn’t the same as life before covid-19; it’s an in-between stage, a collective adolescence of sorts. We’ve changed. The world has, too.

'What is awkward is that different people have different rules,' says Dave Nadelberg. 'Everyone says they care about covid safety, but everybody has a different definition. People are appalled if you’re too restrictive or permissive. As the world is opening up, that tension is a little stronger.'"  Are you feeling the tension as you navigate invitations from friends or decisions about restaurants?

Christine Emba writes in "Everyone is tired. We need to give ourselves an actual break" that we need to resist the pressure to resume our busyness. " These days we’re 'languishing,' or 'hitting the wall.'  Underlying it all is a feeling of being deeply, deeply tired."  Are you feeling the exhaustion from 14 months of uncertainty?

Charles Blow writes in "Rage is the Only Language I Have Left" of the appalling truth that police killings of Black people continue. "Something is horrifyingly wrong.  And yet, the killings keep happening." A re you feeling the rage?

And how does our church fit into this weird moment?  How are we processing our grief? How are we making space for rest?  How are we opening our eyes to unjust systems?  How is God leading us through this liminal time to a new future?  What have we learned?  What have we gained?  Lost?  Created?  Appreciated?  Released?

There is no "normal" to which we can return -- but together we are creating a vibrant, connected, imaginative, and just future.  Alleluia!!