This moment holds alot

Exactly two years ago... Sunday, March 8, 2020, the Second Sunday in Lent, was our last pre-pandemic worship service. We came through our front doors and greeted one another and sang. Children came forward, and then filed out for Sunday School.  Barbara shared about forgiveness.  We lifted up our joys and concerns, and we prayed that this virus might not spread, and might not amount to much.  SO. MUCH. HAS. HAPPENED since that day two years ago.


I believe that our souls know anniversaries. As Hope Edelman wrote in February 2021: “Grief is cyclical, especially around anniversary dates" and it's not unusual to experience "a dip in functioning" around anniversaries of grief and loss.  So let us be aware of what feelings might surprise us over the next couple of days, especially anger, grief, and exhaustion.


And as we breathe sighs of relief as cases plummet and rejoice that things are 'normalizing', these changes can also be destabilizing. As Dr. Robin Schoenthaler of MGH wrote yesterday: "The adjustment is tough for a lot of people, and this reaction is not unexpected. After all, we’ve been stewing in an anxiety cauldron for 24 months. Of course it will not be easy or intuitive for everyone to about-face away from our formidable fears...Walking into a school or work or childcare has never been completely safe but we never gave our vulnerability much thought. Stepping back into the world with this vulnerability now etched into our hearts and souls will not be a simple process."


Be gentle with one another, Good People, and be gentle with yourselves. This moment holds A LOT: promise, joy, fear, loss... we move through it together.



Here are some suggestions for "taking advantage of" the season of Lent. Choose what works for your heart, mind and schedule.


1. Worship with us on Sundays! We are singing! If you're unable to join us, download the Order of Service and pray it on your own.

2. Join our Wednesday evening series: Making Space (see schedule below).

3, Use a daily devotional. HERE is a lovely one from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Or try this APP by the Jesuits in Britain.

4. Give something up-- join me tonight to explore this idea!

5. Add something new - a daily walk, service, writing cards, journaling - that can shift your focus.