This summer!

Good people of West Parish,

Now it really feels like summer!   My daughter is at her first week of summer camp, and it’s too hot to take my Great Dane on long walks.   I have gotten all of my flip-flops out of the closet, and the wasps are showing up in the kitchen again.

AND this is our last Sunday in the sanctuary until September!

We will reflect on Luke 9:57-62, and how difficult it is to stay focused on the way of Jesus.   How challenging it can be to stay centered, grounded and at peace in this life — especially with myriad distractions, and shocking news coming at us 24/7.

Wherever you will be in the coming weeks, I hope you can focus completely on what is before you, whether that be weeding a flower bed, completing a spreadsheet, or breathing in the summer air.  

May we find joy and gratitude where we are this summer.   May we hold fast to whom we belong.