Three Years!

Good People of West Parish,

Can you believe it?   It was three years ago today that I began as your pastor. March 21, 2016.   

It was the Monday of Holy Week, and I came into the office to begin planning Maundy Thursday and Easter.   Many said that I was crazy to begin my time with you during the most stressful time of year.   But I thought it was perfect!   How better to begin a long and fruitful relationship than with the rejoicing of Easter!

I don’t regret that decision.   Nor do I regret my decision to choose all of you!   In my three years at West Parish you have shown me how committed, faithful, energetic, full of good humor, and loving you are.   We have buried beloved ones, and laughed hysterically.   You have come to me in quiet moments, and we have sung with gusto, 100 strong.   We have wondered at the path ahead, and we have made bold decisions.

I continue to be so grateful that God led me here.   And though these three years have flown by, I know there is still much to learn, many ways I hope to grow, and a great journey that I hope we will make together.

Thank you for three wonderful years!