UCC Together

Good people of West Parish,

The United Church of Christ (our denomination) has a number of email newsletters to which I subscribe.   There is the Daily Devotional, “Keeping You Posted”, the Justice Network, the Massachusetts Conference E-mailing, the Spotlight newsletter, Association News... and I think I’m still forgetting a couple!   All of these keep me informed and connected to what the UCC is up to.

But sometimes it’s overwhelming.   Like when I scroll through the Justice Network email, and I’m invited to take action on: racism, poverty, addiction, health care, climate change, homelessness, immigration, gun violence... and sometimes seeing this litany of enormous and seemingly insurmountable problems can make me want to crawl under my desk and not come out for a while.   What can I do in the face of such massive issues?!   How can we as a church make a difference?   And on what do we choose to focus?!

But then I remember that we can’t do it all, but we are doing it TOGETHER.   Our fellow UCCers all over the country are passionately working to create a more just and peaceful world, in all kinds of ways, fueled by their faith.   And here at West Parish, we are helping send kids to college.   We are growing food and giving it away.   We provide turkey dinners and prayer shawls and canned goods and hope.   We shine as a beacon of welcome and love in our community, as we seek to embody the kingdom here on earth.   (No small thing!)   We ARE changing the world and making a difference!

Blessings to you all!