Unified in our diversity

The next couple of days are sure to be strange ones! Some of us may be eagerly awaiting the Presidential Inauguration tomorrow. Some of us may be dreading it! Some of us will watch it on television, and others of us will boycott it. Some of us will march in Boston on Saturday for peace and justice, and many of our UCC brothers and sisters will be doing the same in Washington DC. Some of us may feel hopeful for the future, while others of us may feel deeply afraid and concerned. What do we do as a church in this strange time? How do we live out our calling to be the Body of Christ in this time of division and distrust? How do I preach the gospel of justice, while also holding us together? What a strange and challenging time!

Whatever you will be doing tomorrow, and wherever you will be on Saturday, I am praying for you, and for all of us! I am even praying for soon-to-be-President Trump, that he might find a way forward that can bring healing, reconciliation and hope to our country.

But WE, we the people of West Parish Church, can live out our calling to be unified in our diversity this very Sunday at our Annual Meeting! We are not of one mind, we will not agree on all things, but we are one people, bound together by God! Now THAT is worth celebrating. So join us on Sunday to worship, and to be a congregation!