Good people of West Parish,

The Supreme Court! NATO!   Trade War!   The EPA!   Migrant children!   Russia!   Flooding in Japan!   Yikes!

I have a friend who doesn’t engage with the news anymore.   No radio.   No television.   No newspapers.  No Facebook.   He says that he just couldn’t take the constant onslaught, the constant feelings of frustration, heartbreak and helplessness.

Instead, he reads books.   Or long investigative articles in The Atlantic.   He says he feels much more calm, and much more informed.   Maybe there’s something to that - to taking in the events of our world in a slower and deeper way, rather than the torrent of details, tweets and emotions that comes at us daily.

Next week I will disconnect.   My phone will go in a drawer.   We won’t have a tv.    And I hope that my brain will clear a bit - not in order to hide from the needs and injustice in the world, but to be able to engage with it more fully and deeply.   May it also be so with you!