Wave, Cheer and Express Thanks!

As you know, our amazing Director of Christian Education, Victoria Gaisford, has resigned to be more available to her family.  We are going to miss her so much!

Her last Sunday with us is THIS Sunday, August 9.   So your kids will not want to miss Sunday School that day, and you will definitely want to be with us for Zoom Worship, and you'll probably want to drive by the church at 1:00 pm to wave and cheer and express your thanks.

Victoria has been serving West Parish since August 2015 - five full years!   And she has blessed us with so many gifts.

People will always be moving in and out of our lives, sometimes leaving through a change of circumstance, sometimes through death, and sometimes they just drift away.   It is hard to say goodbye, and perhaps even harder at this moment when we are all experiencing so much loss.

But saying a GOOD goodbye is a spiritual act: it requires that we open our hearts, and acknowledge the changeable and uncertain nature of life.   It also requires that we release regrets, ask for forgiveness, and let the person go.   So let us all enter this time of parting with gratitude and purpose.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning!