We are in this together

Another Black man shot by police - in front of his three young children.  Two people dead in Kenosha, WI.  Coronavirus outbreaks at colleges.  Millions unemployed while assistance stalls.  A category 4 hurricane about to hit Texas and Louisiana.  Fires consuming California. Loved ones struggling with cancer, surgery, addiction, and anxiety. And our own fears, worries, and strained relationships.

There is so much on our hearts and minds, Good People!  This is a challenging time to be alive.  No, you are not weak for being exhausted.  No, you are not faithless for doubting. No, you are not a mess for being disorganized. Exhaustion, confusion, erratic emotions -- they are all "normal" responses to these very not-normal times.

So I will say it yet again: be kind to yourself! Make time to give to others (it will help you feel better!) but also give to yourself. Give yourself permission to be where you are.

This is a long haul, folks. But we are in it together, as a church, as the Body of Christ, trusting that though we are in a storm, Christ is with us. Do not be afraid! He is with us always, until the end of the age!