We are the Church

Good people of West Parish,

The Advent and Christmas seasons were so wonderful. There were so many opportunities for worship, fellowship and fun in the month of December! And so many of you who contributed your time and talents to make it special. Many thanks to all of you! Thanks to all of you who ushered at each service, offering the face of welcome and love to all who entered. Thanks to all of you who decorated our sanctuary with lights and greenery and poinsettias. Thanks to all of you who made the Advent Workshop so fabulous! — from putting together the gingerbread houses, to setting up, to hosting a craft. Thanks to all of you who helped with the carol sing and the Spaghetti Supper! Thanks to all of you who made coffee hour happen in December, offering a place to connect Thanks to all of you who sang in the choir, bringing us inspiration through music! Thanks to the collectors for gathering our offerings each week Thanks to all those who organized the Women’s Evening Circle holiday party; so much fun and fellowship! Thanks to all of you who brought in gifts for Lazarus House, remembering those in need. Thanks to all of you who led Sunday School and Youth Group, creating a welcoming place for all our young people. Thanks to all who oversee and work in the nursery, offering a home for our littlest ones. Thanks to those who remembered our elders with cards and calls, and a very meaningful luncheon! Thanks to all who contributed to the Pageant with painting, moving or acting. Thanks to all of you who created the wonderful 4th Sunday of Advent Christmas Play. Thanks to all who made Christmas Eve so special, whether dressed up as an angel, herding children, lighting candles, or being a reader. Thanks to all of you who remembered me and our other staff with gifts of sustenance and appreciation! Thanks to Larisa, Victoria, Mila, Demetri, Susan and Mark for all of their amazing contributions of creativity, support and logistics. Thanks to all of you who showed up, said a prayer, offered a smile, and welcomed someone new. We are the church! And it is fabulous.

Join us this Sunday as we continue into the Epiphany Season, celebrating the Baptism of Christ! And join us after church for a Feedback Circle, where we’ll reflect together on the highs and lows of the Advent season. Blessings!