We can all do something

Could the world BE more chaotic right now?! (You might be thinking: Why yes. Yes, it could...) Over 100,000 dead from COVID and we'll be living with uncertainty for some time. 40 million Americans out of work, with the economic devastation falling hard on people of color and working class folks. George Floyd - yet another black American killed - on camera.

Protests, riots, tear gas, rubber bullets, and our President brandishing a Bible... It feels apocalyptic. And perhaps it is. As this New York Times article explains: "The original word in Greek — apokalypsis — means an unveiling, a revelation. 'It’s not just about the end of the world,' said Jacqueline Hidalgo, chair of religion at Williams College. 'It helps us see something that is hidden before.'"

I'm not so sure that systemic racism, corporate greed and economic injustice were "hidden before", but certainly many of us who are white and economically privileged could look the other way. The blessing of this moment is that we are ALL looking now. We ALL see it. The apocalypse IS here, because it is a time of unveiling. And a time for all of us to live out our faith in courageous ways. No, that doesn't mean that we should all be marching in Boston. But we can all do something. The new world is waiting to be born! Let us loose the bonds of injustice! (Isaiah 58:6)

Blessings to you all. Be well!