Welcome, love and hope

Good people of West Parish,

They say that fewer and fewer people are going to church.   They say that less people are affiliated with a religion than ever before.   They say that yoga retreats and book clubs have replaced faith communities.   My colleagues and I sometimes wonder if there will still be a church around to employee us in twenty years.

Even if all that is true: now, today, at this moment, and in our beautiful corner of Andover, I have never felt more strongly about the importance of church!   In a world that’s fearful, divided, judgmental and short sighted, we stand as a beacon of welcome, love and hope.  

Following the ways of Jesus, we show another way to live, another way to be in community.   Together, we seek to raise our children with a vision of God’s new creation.   These are not small matters! Some might say that our survival depends on it.

So while we may not know what the future will bring for Christianity or West Parish, at this moment we are vibrant and vital!

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the importance of church!