West Parish is Awesome!

A wonderful West Parish family gave me this cool letter board sign over the weekend - thank you!

And thank you so much to all of you who showed up to honor Victoria during her last Zoom worship, or drove by on Sunday afternoon, or wrote her a note or sent an email.   Thanks to all of you who sent ME a card, an email, or a little gift over the last month. Y our expressions of appreciation matter SO MUCH.

I and the rest of the church staff have had to reinvent nearly everything about how we do our work (like some of you!), while managing our own families and anxieties, and also remaining grounded enough to offer something of substance to all of you.   I'm not going to lie: it's been challenging at times!  But to hear that you have been held up by my words, comforted by a prayer, or given hope though a church connection - it fuels everything that I do, because I know that it matters.   And I know Victoria was so grateful to know that SHE made a difference in your lives.

So thank you!  As we move through this utterly overwhelming time, we are remaining a connected and faithful community. (If you need something, or are NOT feeling connected, please reach out to me!)

So yeah: West Parish is awesome!!!