Words of Hope

Good people of West Parish,

In my 17 years of ordained ministry, I can't remember a time when it was more difficult to preach. There have always been big events, of course. National tragedies or natural disasters or significant political events.

But this year feels different. It feels like something appalling occurs every single week. The flooding in Houston. The devastation in Puerto Rico. The shooting in Las Vegas. Threats of war with North Korea. The #metoo explosion. Government shenanigans. (We can all add many other things here...) And last Sunday, the church shooting in Texas. 26 gunned down. IN A CHURCH.

Are you overwhelmed? Do you come to church to escape from the news and hear of hope and joy? Or do you come to church hoping that these events will be addressed? Do you come for strength? Do you come to be energized with others? Or do you come seeking peace and calm?

Send me an email or a note about your hopes – in this time of overwhelming news, for what do you long? How can West Parish fill your deepest needs? And how might my preaching help us as a community to live more fully as God's people in this time? (And what does that even mean for you?!)

We gather this Sunday in the shadow of another tragedy, and yet we will speak words of hope. I will speak of why we support our church. And afterwards, we will break bread together, a sacred act of fellowship and connection. Join us!