Good people of West Parish,

Golly, I'm tired! I'm tired from grieving for our beloved church members who have passed away. I'm tired from the news of white supremacists. I'm tired from hearing about our chaotic government. 

But I'm not tired of you! And we can strengthen one another's hope and joy when we gather Sunday mornings! Because that's the purpose of worship: to be God's people together, and to remind one another in prayer and song and scripture that we are people of the resurrection!

So in the spirit of having some fun and enjoying being together, this Sunday will be different! As was done two years ago, we will worship OUTSIDE the chapel! So bring a folding chair – please bring extras if you have them! – and we'll gather in the shade of the cemetery trees for the service.

Also in the spirit of having some fun, I will not do a regular sermon, but will do something I've never done before (but which some of my colleagues do annually!) We'll have an "ask the pastor" sermon! This means you can ask me ANYTHING, and I will give you my best answer in one or two minutes. Only one guideline: it needs to be a theological question! ( i.e. Please don't ask me factual questions like: what year was Mark's gospel written? I have a terrible memory for facts, and you can Google that stuff, anyway :)

So join us this Sunday! It's sure to be interesting, it will probably be fun, and it will most certainly be with God!