You are not alone

Good people of West Parish,

Last night I was awake at 3:00 am.   Worries were running through my mind: The email I’d forgotten to send.    form the school needed.   All the gun deaths.   The impending climate collapse.   If it would rain this week.   What I’d make for dinner tomorrow.   The endangered species act...

Yes, there was a lot going on in my brain.   I jumped from one worry to another, occasionally able to “land“ back in the present moment.   Occasionally, asking God to take these worries so I could sleep.   But mostly, they just kept spinning.  Has this happened to you? — when it feels like there’s too much in your head?   When there’s too much to remember, too many things to figure out, too much in the world that needs attention?

I’ve said it many times, and I will say it again: this is why we need Church!   This is why we need the practice of gathering together, stilling ourselves, and remembering that we are not the only one who lies awake at 3 am!   This is why we need community, and God’s love surrounding us all.

So wherever you are in these last weeks of summer, may you be reminded that you are not alone!   Here at West Parish, by the grace of God, we share one another’s burdens and joys!