YOU Belong

Good people of West Parish,

We have two sacraments in our tradition: baptism and communion.   This Sunday, February 4, we will be lucky enough to celebrate both of our sacraments!   We will celebrate baptism!   We will welcome a new member into the Church.   

This newly baptized person will “officially“ become a Christian, and be welcomed into the worldwide fellowship of those who seek to follow Jesus.   And we will make promises to her!   As members of this community we pledge to support one another, and to see the divine in one another.  What a challenging and holy calling!

And then we will gather for communion – that holy meal that recalls the last supper.   That meal to which ALL are invited and at which there is always enough for everyone.   This meal symbolizes our foundational beliefs!

So join us to enter into the sacramental life of our church.   Join us for our all-ages First Sunday Worship as we reflect on the healing waters of baptism and the power of belonging.   Join us, because YOU belong!