Worship at West Parish . CoVid Protocols


West Parish has adopted Worship Covid Protocols with these values in mind:


  - We prioritize loving our neighbors and protecting the vulnerable

  - We want everyone to be welcome and at ease at any church gathering, regardless of vaccination status, medical conditions, age, or risk tolerance

  - We recognize that we make these decisions as a community, and not for ourselves as individuals, so we keep in mind the impact to the church as a whole

  - We seek to follow science and data, while also holding compassion for the grief, trauma, and varying needs of one another. 


Please contact the church office if you have any questions!  


Blessings – and hope to see you at Sunday Worship!


Worship.   Worship at West Parish will be held in the Sanctuary on Sundays at 10am.  For those unable to attend, worship can be viewed on Zoom.

Masks.   For the safety of all, everyone must wear a mask at the worship service. The mask must be tight-fitting and cover both your nose and mouth.  Masks must be worn as you enter the building and remain on during the entire worship service. 

Sign up.  If possible, sign up for worship in advance. Check in with an usher upon arrival to make gathering information  easier for contact tracing should an attendee develop Covid subsequent to attendance.

Seating  When you enter the sanctuary,  please sit with your family unit.   Anyone that feels the need to isolate may speak with an usher who will isolate a space for them.  

Sunday School. Starting November 28, children will again be in the Sanctuary for the start of the Service.  Sunday school will take place in the larger classrooms.  

Nursery.    Unfortunately, we are unable to open the Nursery at this time.  We appreciate your patience and please stay tuned for more updates on this.

Singing.  We will enjoy beautiful organ music!  Additionally, Hymn singing by the congregation will occur during the last hymn with the congregation still masked.  This will enable individuals - who are not comfortable with group singing  - the ability to leave before the hymn starts.

Covid Symptoms.  If you have any Covid Symptoms - fever, cough, aches, loss of smell/taste, etc - please do not attend worship service.  

Video Recording.   The worship services will be recorded and be available to watch on Zoom.  This will enable all to worship at West Parish - even those unable to attend in person.  Please note those attending worship  in person may be captured on video.   

Coffee Hour.   We hope you all stay after worship to visit with each other at Coffee Hour!   So after worship, either walk to the Portico, or join Zoom Coffee Hour after Services!  

Message Recordings.   If you are unable to attend Hybrid worship, please note recordings of the Sunday message can be found here.