Hybrid Worship at West Parish

What a long, crazy 17 months! And yet, we’ve stayed connected, cared for one another, been wildly creative and resilient, deepened our faith, and continued to give our energy, skills and money to our church community.  September will bring changes and a lot of activity!— and we want to make sure you know what’s happening.  The ‘headlines’ below will be detailed in our Wednesday emails.

Please contact the church office if you have any questions!  

Blessings – and we hope to see you soon!

Hybrid Worship.   Worship at West Parish will be held in the Sanctuary on Sundays starting on September 5 at 10am.  For those unable to attend, worship can be viewed on Zoom.

Masks.   For the safety of all, everyone must wear a mask at the worship service. The mask must be tight-fitting and cover both your nose and mouth.  Masks must be worn as you enter the building and remain on during the entire worship service. 

Sign up Sheet.  We ask that each person attending worship sign-up by Saturday at Noon.   Please be sure to only sign up if you are planning on attending in-person worship.   Access the sign-up sheet from the distributed email or contact the office if you have any problems signing up.

Covid Symptoms.  If you have any Covid Symptoms - fever, cough, aches, loss of smell/taste, etc - you will be unable to attend worship services - even if you have signed up to attend.

Seating  When you enter the sanctuary,  the pews have been marked to follow Covid spacing protocols.  Family units may sit close together.   Spacing between separate family units will be a minimum of six feet (6 feet).  

Sunday School. Resumes in-person September 12 at 10:00 am! On Sunday mornings, meet Domenik and Susan by the office door and classes will be held outside.  Please be sure to register online before you arrive! The link will be in every Wednesday email.

Nursery.    Unfortunately, we are unable to open the Nursery this Fall.  We appreciate your patience and please stay tuned for more updates on this.

Confirmation.  Confirmation begins September 10!  Please contact Domenik if interested

Video Recording.   The worship services will be recorded and be available to watch on Zoom.  This will enable all to worship at West Parish - even those unable to attend in person.  Therefore, those attending worship  in person may be captured on video.   

Singing.  We will enjoy beautiful organ music!  At this time worship will not include any singing.  

Coffee Hour.   We hope you all stay after worship to visit with each other!  On September 5, we’ll have Zoom Coffee Hour only.  Starting September 12, Coffee Hour will be both outdoors AND on Zoom! So after worship, either walk across to the green, or join Zoom Coffee Hour at 11:15 am!  Starting September 19 kids can join the ‘West Parish Olympics’ during outdoor coffee hour!

Message Recordings.   If you are unable to attend Hybrid worship, please note recordings of the Sunday message can be found here.