In West Parish

We welcome everyone to get involved in West Parish!

Children's and Arts Program

Come with your kids at 9:00 am every Sunday for an interactive music and arts program!  Kids will learn songs, create skits or create art projects!

Adult Education

Learn with us every Sunday at 9am in a very informal session!  In our cozy parlor, we'll discuss a variety of scripture lessons and their application to modern-day life!  

Music Program:  Choir

The choir sings 2nd thru 4th (or 5th) Sunday mornings . Choir rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00 PM and before service.  We welcome all who are eager to sing!  

Women's Evening Circle

Join the women of West Parish on the 2nd Thursday of each month!  Each month different topics are explored - from local community speakers, game nights, fundraising activities - all followed by incredible desserts!


Men's Group

Each Saturday from 8 to 9am, this informal group meets over coffee and donuts!  Through a variety of fundraisers, the Men's group awards College Scholarships to youth from Lawrence Boys and Girls Club.

Smith Purdon Fund Team

Starting with an incredible donation from Susanne Smith Purdon in 1975, this team of individuals evaluates and disperses funds to charitable groups focused on children, youth and families in the Merrimack Valley. Read more about the fund here

Fellowship Team

From Family Picnics, Chili Cook-offs, Progressive dinner and other fabulous, family oriented events - the Fellowship team is dedicated to building friendliness and togetherness for everyone of all ages!

Worship Team

The Worship team works closely with Reverend Katrina with the planning and presentation of creative and spiritual worship services!  Traditional and progressive services inspire, energize and motivate all individuals!

Operations Team

This team of volunteers works to maintain the beautiful interior and exterior of West Parish.   They are always looking for energetic youth and adults who want to volunteer time in painting, renovating or performing yard work!