Sermons from Rev. Katrina!

Hear a sampling of her inspiring, current words!  

Freedom and Courage, April 9, 2017

Palm Sunday Service   

Real Hope is Forever, April 2, 2017

"What may look hopeless to us - may still have love and hope through perspective of God.                            

Special Services

My ABC Experience

Rev. LaKisha Williams

LaKisha shares her amazing story of attending ABC House in Andover, her struggles and incredible strength in this powerfully, moving sermon. 

Epiphany Sunday

Children of West Parish

Children, parents and church school leaders presented a fabulous skit detailing the meaning of Epiphany!

Permaculture:  Plagues and Success

Chris Swain, Committee Member

Chris details the challenges faced and how the garden team overcame them to produce over 800 pounds of produce in their first season!

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