West Parish Music

"Where there is devotional music, God is always at hand with His gracious presence.”  

J.S. Bach

Music  Programs 

While our music programs may be temporarily on hold, each Sunday music is shared virtually on Zoom or at our outdoor worship services.


Hear a sampling of this music at these playlists:

West Parish Music


Demetri's Music


Musical Meditations


Musical Meditations

Hear the beauty of music and prayer!

Join us virtually on Wednesday Evenings as we hear from a variety of musicians playing on the West Parish Organ or Piano.

View the recordings of these relaxing sessions here

Musical Instruments 

At West Parish services, you may hear from our beautiful B. Rule and Company Organ, or Steinway Concert Grand piano - or a myraid of instruments!  


West Parish often hosts special musical instrumentalists and soloists.    From Trumpet, Flute and Guitar soloists throughout the year and more - West Parish strives to provide music appealing to all ages and all tastes of music!