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38th Annual Outdoor Christmas Pageant

Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus arrived at the historic West Parish Garden Cemetery Arch once again as West Parish Church, United Church of Christ, presented their annual reenactment of the Christmas story!

Scholarships get Yummy with Chocolate Fair

Check out a yummy chocolate dessert after supper on September 30th !  This dessert buffet features chocolate everything while helping a local scholarship program.

Rainbow flag at West Parish

The rainbow flag is an expression of what we believe.  "West Parish church has been welcoming for a long time," said Rev. Katrina Weunsch.  It's about welcoming and about love and welcoming all people."  

Family moves into new ACT house! 

West Parish members Jon Pearson and Joan Johnson are key leaders of the Andover Community Trust team enabling a family to move into a new house on Haverhill street in Andover! 

Jon and Kim Glesmann

2017 Citizens Who Care Honorees 

Jon and Kim recognized for their extraordinary volunteer efforts at the Greater Lawrence Boys and Girls Club!

Andover Community Trust builds the dream!

Andover Community trust recently celebrated 25 years of providing affordable housing.   West Parish member Joan Johnson was recognized for her incredible efforts, along with President Jon Pearson who detailed the building of the seventh ACT home.

Kim Glesmann:  Recognized for Volunteer Efforts 

Please join us in congratulating Kim Glesmann for receiving the Jeannie Melucci Award, for all her efforts in a volunteering above and beyond in service to the kids at the Greater Lawrence Boys and Girls Club!   

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West Parish Newsletters

January 2018

New Year's can be a wonderful time to reflect on the year past and the year ahead, both to give thanks to God for what is good, and to resolve to act for what needs more goodness. 

December 2017

The light that shines in the darkness! The town, hushed in the night, with a profound stillness. The hopes and fears of all humanity, gathered by starlight, met by a child.  

November 2017

You are welcomed to be part of a community grounded in love, compassion,  forgiveness and truth!  

October 2017

Despite the catasphores, devastation, fear and divisiveness in the world - we have much to be grateful for!

September 2017

Join us!   Celebrate the start of our year on Sunday, September 10th at 10am!  Blessings!

June 2017

Rest.  Be.  Breathe. Listen.  Look. Bask in God’s love.  And may the days slow down for you! 

May 2017

Take time to practice resurrection - to practice seeing the new life right in front of you - and give thanks for it!