West Parish 

Permaculture Garden

Did you know that there is a permaculture garden behind the church that donates all its produce to local food programs?  Come by and check it out! 

This year the garden started out in much better shape due to the hours spent doing weed control and the covering of the garden beds last year.  We tested the soil and it actually came up a bit over on the amount of fertilization needed so we did not have to add fresh compost this year. 

The asparagus is now 3 years old and we were able to take a small harvest this year and hope to cut more as the season goes on.  The garlic planted in the fall is beautiful and scapes are ready to be harvested (this is the thicker green part in the foliage that would otherwise become the flower). 

The arch that was a gift to Cheryl for her years at LLL Preschool is in place and we are working out how to spend the $500 grant we received from Keep MA Beeeautiful. This will result in more plantings to attract and foster pollinators and native insects beneficial to all of those mama birds with a full nest! We have planted most of the garden and are harvesting lettuce and the savoy cabbage soon (a new crop in the garden). Other plantings include tomatoes and basil, cucumbers, squash (spaghetti squash is new this year) and pumpkins.

Contact Heather to learn more about the Permaculture Garden or how you can help!