Return to West Parish

We are all very excited to begin worshipping together this Fall outside!

However, we must return to worship safely and respectful for all.   

As Rev. Katrina has noted: 'We need to operate at a more careful and consistent level,

because we are looking out for each one of us, especially the most vulnerable.

Below is our current listing of protocols which everyone must follow.   

Be sure to check this page regularly as our protocols may change with evolving Massachusetts State guidelines. 

If you need have any questions about worshipping outside, please do not hestiate to contact us

Outdoor worship.  All worship at West Parish will be held outside at the green by the Church.  Please note that no one will be allowed inside West Parish at this time.

Sign up Sheet.  Massachusetts guidelines state that outdoor gatherings are limited to 50 people.    Therefore, we must require that each person attending worship sign-up by Saturday at Noon.   Please be sure to only sign up if you are planning on attending worship.   Access the sign-up sheet from the distributed email or contact the office if you have any problems signing up.

Bring your own Chair  Each person attending worship must bring their own chair.   

Chair Placement  When you arrive at West Parish, you will be guided on where to place your chair for service.   Family units may sit close together.   Spacing between separate family units will be a minimum of six feet (6 feet).

Masks  Everyone must wear a mask at the outdoor worship service. The mask must be tight-fitting and cover both your face and mouth.  "Even though we might go without masks when outside with friends or family, when we gather as the church it is different. When we gather as West Parish we need to look out for ALL of us, with our many medical needs and concerns, with our differing comfort levels."  Rev. Katrina

Six Feet Distance.    Everyone will keep a minimum of six feet from others, except for those in their own household.. 

Video Recording.   The outdoor worship services will be recorded via Zoom.  This will enable all to worship at West Parish - even those unable to attend outside worship.  Therefore, those attending outdoor worship may be captured on video.   

Weather.   If inclement weather is forecasted for Sunday morning, outdoor worship will be cancelled.  Worship will then only be held via Zoom.  Check the Sunday morning email for notification of worship cancellation or the website here.

Covid Symptoms.  If you have any Covid Symptoms - fever, cough, aches, loss of smell/taste, etc - you will be unable to attend worship services - even if you have signed up to attend.

Travel.  If you have travelled outside Massachusetts, you agree to follow the Massachusetts Travel Order, which may require you to have a negative test or quarantine for 14 days.

Singing.  Outdoor worship will not include any singing at this time.  

Coffee Hour.   Coffee Hour will continue to be held virtually on Zoom.  Coffee Hour will start each Sunday at 11:30 am.