West Parish Men's Group College Scholarships

"In our neighboring city of Lawrence, only half of the kids graduate from high school.   There are many reasons that they don’t graduate from high school - but all of the reasons can be stated in one word, adversity. The smiling faces of our honorees give no indication of the experiences that they have had to endure.

In reviewing the scholarship applications and taking into account things that I know from our personal relationships, I can tell you that collectively, these kids have seen everything. You name it, they’ve experienced it. Things that simply no child should ever have to experience and things that would horrify you.   These young adults have managed to overcome their obstacles and challenges, and even thrive.

When you hear about the high school dropout rate in Lawrence, instead of thinking that there are bad kids dropping out, think about the good kids trying to succeed in a bad situation.   We celebrate that we are able to give scholarships to such deserving young adults, but what overshadows our gifts, is the fact that these kids have triumphed over the challenges and the odds.

Join us in honoring our scholarship recipients."

Jon Glesmann,  West Parish Mens Club College Scholarship Chairman

2019 Steve Vano Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Ten  scholarships were awarded in June 2019 to assist them in their continuing college expenses.   While maintaining their GPA's in college, these youth continue to be involved in volunteer activities including AmeriCorps, Latinos Unidos, HUELLAS, Salem Boys and Girls Club, United Lation Society and many more!

The universities these youth are attending include Bridgewater State, Emmanuel College, Northern Essex Community College, Salem State, UMass-Lowell, UMass-Dartmouth, UMass-Amherst, and Worcester State.

Please join us in congratulating Anairis Caraballo, Yankuel Ceballos, Jailene Garcia, Ashley Gonzalez, Lidyanette Gonzalez, Brian Martinez, Maribel Mateo, Bryanna Matias, Sabrina Paulino and Yeraldo Rodriguez!

2019 College Scholarship Recipients

Eight amazing high school graduates from Greater Lawrence Techncial School and Central Catholic High School were awarded college schloarships in June 2019. 


Each individual has been actively involved in volunteer work, sports programs while maintaining very high GPAs.  We wish them well as they start their college careers!   


Please join us in congratulating Iraidalis Cabrera, Taylor Marrero, Zoe Marrero, John Omosefe, Zuleydy Perez, Andres Pichardo, Bioveranis Reyes and Marielis Rodriguez.  

2018 Steve Vano Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Continuing in the memory of Steve, 12 scholarships were awarded to college upperclassmen to assist them in their continuing college expenses.  


The universities these youth are attending include Emmanuel College, Holy Cross, Fitchburg State, Nichols College, Saint Anselm, Salem State, UMass Amherst, UMass Dartmouth, and UMass Lowell.


Please join us in congratulating Nelselly Alsina, Anairis Caraballo, Jose Casado, Jailene Garcia, Ashley Gonzalez, Brian Martinez, Bryanna Matias, Selena Mercado, Sabrina Paulino, Yeraldo Rodriguez, Joaly Rosario, and Alexander Santos.

2018 College Scholarship Recipients

In May 2018, six high school graduates from Lawrence High School and Central Catholic High School were awarded college schloarships. 


These amazing youth all achieved academic high honors, along with being actively involved in sports teams, and volunteer work at the Greater Lawrence Boys and Girls club.  


Please join us in congratulating Lisbeth Carpio, Yankuel Ceballos, Lidyanette Gonzalez, Kiahvette Guzman, Edward Lundy and Jack Sullivan.  

2017 Steve Vano Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Steve was very passionate about helping kids not only as rising freshman - but also as upperclassmen as he recognized the financial needs of college often increase in successive years.  

To honor Steve's memory, 8 scholarships were awarded to college upperclassmen.

These individuals were Selena Mercado, Maribel Mateo, Brian Martinez, Yeraldo Rodriguez, Alexander Santos, Jose Casado, Stanley Martinez and Alejandra Consuelo Torres.  The universities these youth are attending include Nichols College, Worcester State, UMass-Darmouth, Bentley, and Salem State.

2017 College Scholarship Recipients

Four scholarships were awarded to high school graduates.  The high school graduate recipients  motivation, ambitiousness, determination and strength have carried them through to rise above hardships and to graduate.  


These individuals included Gabriel Hamelin, Steven Tran, Nelselly Alsina and  Crystian Adames.  

2016 College Scholarship Recipients

The men's group was honored to give 12 scholarships this year to an amazing group of high school graduates.


The 2016 receipents included Meray Crespo, Latiny Ke, Jailene Garcia, Brian Martinez, Maribel Mateo, Selena Mercado, Ramon Montas, Sabrina Paulino, Jayleen Reyes, Rosa Reynoso, Michael Taveras and Amy Veloz. 

2015 College Scholarship Recipients

In 2015, six college scholarships were awarded.  The recipients of these scholarships have persevered through many setbacks and have faced much adversity. Their motivation, ambitiousness, determination and strength have carried them through to rise above hardships and graduate.

It is with honor and pride that the 2015 receipents include Anairis, Joseph, Yeraldo, Alex, Erika, and David.   

2014 College Scholarship Recipients

In the second year, the Men's Group awarded nine scholarships.  Everyone who applied for the scholarship received one!  


The incredible receipents in 2014 included  Jose Casado,  Edward Garcia, Julia Hernandez, Amalia Little, Erick Maldonado, Stanley Martinez, Solina Pascual, Arianny Rodriguez and Joaly Rosario. 

2013 College Scholarship Recipients

Four highly motivated youth received the first West Parish College Scholarships in 2013!  

These individuals included Alejandra Consuelo Torres, Briyith Betances,  Joshua Torres and Julio Hernandez.  

Each was extremely active in high school, maintaining excellent grades, participating and leading a number of clubs while also working part time.   They went on to pursue their college careers at Framingham State, Fitchburg State, Merrimack College and University of Massachusetts at Lowell.