Social Justice Team


Social Justice at West Parish Church is  a collection of individuals concerned with various local, state and national social justice issues

Please support Merrimack Valley Black and Brown Owned Local Businesses

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Our Social Justice group has deep and continuing concern for immigrants and immigration policy, climate change and environmental policy.

Social Justice is now concentrating on reading/discussion about racism, racial disparities and white privilege -- through history and life stories from all sides . 

The Social Justice team works with Smith Purdon  and West Parish Outreach in identifying local organizations in need of assistance. 

The team connects interested members to Get Out the Vote organizations and activities, primarily through Greater Andover Indivisible 's post carding and texting opportunities.  

Social Justice is active in getting food to Lawrence residents -- first through a food drive in June and Market Basket gift cards during the summer.  Food drives are continuing throughout this Fall. 

What's Next? 

 In 2021, we are planning to promote/discuss David Brook's book "The Second Mountain '' to help identify the many small ways people can look around their communities, identify problems and develop solutions. 

Also, Kate will be leading a discussion starting in January 2021 on the book "I'm Still Here" with study guides and videos.