Read some of our most recent announcements and activities below! 

Annual Meeting - January 29

Save the date! The Annual Meeting of West Parish Church will be held after worship on Sunday, January 29. We will elect members to ministries and discuss and approve our 2023 budget.


Preaching School:  February 5

Embark on an epic 6-month journey that will take you through biblical exegesis, research, personal reflection, prayer, writing and worship. Join Katrina for "Preaching School"! We will meet monthly and explore a variety of topics.  Those that wish to do so, can preach their sermon in May or June. If you are interested, contact Katrina.


Ash Wednesday:  February  22

The season of Lent begins on Wednesday. February 22. Join us at 7:00 pm for a contemplative Ash Wednesday service to begin the season.

Retreat for Lent:  March 5

Save the date!  On Sunday, March 5, we will begin the Lenten season with a centering half-day retreat, at West Parish from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm. Lunch provided.  Hourly sessions will be led by Katrina and West Parish members on breathing, guided meditation, yoga, chant and more. The retreat will run if we have 12 participants, so please RSVP to the church office. Speak with Barbara, Judy or Katrina for more information.

UCC Women's Celebration:  Martch 17-19 

Join Kathy V and other West Parish folks at the United Church of Christ New England Women's Celebration!  Worship, workshops, fellowship and more, in Manchester, NH.  More information HERE or speak with Kathy.

Staff Hours

Our Church Administrator, Larisa, is in the office Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Please remember that she remains available to meet you at other times; just let her know! Katrina works Sunday through Thursday, and reserves Tuesdays for in-person meetings and visits. .

Andover Community Trust

Since its inception, West Parish has been strong supporters of Andover Community Trust (ACT), a local non-profit that advocates for and develops homes that families can afford in the Andover community. Blake  is the current president and John  is an architect for ACT. See Kate to receive a bi-monthly newsletter on how you can help ensure that folks who work in Andover can choose to live in Andover.

New Community Pantry & Fridge

Ballard Vale United Church now hosts a 24-hour freestanding self-serve pantry and fridge! The community is invited to leave what they can and take what they need. Donations can be dropped off directly in the pantry at 23 Clark Rd.  Financial donations can be made online or by mail to BVUC at 23 Clark Rd, Andover. 


Rides to Church

There are a number of folks in our community who would love to get to worship, but are no longer driving. If you are able to occasionally pick up someone, please speak with Katrina.


Open Position - Building and Grounds Caretaker

West Parish is currently accepting applications for a new Building and Grounds Caretaker.  If you know anyone who may be interested in this job, please ask that they email their resume to with the subject 'Building Caretaker' in the subject line.   Please note, to maintain appropriate roles and boundaries, members and active participants at West Parish are not eligible for open positions.